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Who is a Junior? Ages 18 and under.

Juniors are not required to have their own clubs, however, if rentals are needed, please arrive earlier than scheduled time.

If you are a golfer and carried or pulled your own bag or have seen caddies for professional golfers on TV, you probably understand that carrying clubs can be tiring business. Rules of golf state that players can carry up to 14 clubs in their bag. For youngsters starting out there is easily no need to carry the full quota. Most "starter sets" for junior golfers contain only 5 clubs: a wood; three different irons; and a putter. This is certainly adequate for players to learn basic skills. More clubs can be added as the player develops.

Please direct questions to Tim  (780) 568-4357


Key Rules & Golf Etiquette

Juniors should always:

  • Arrive on the first tee in plenty of time for their round
  • Wish their playing partner good luck at the start of the round
  • Look out for their playing partner's ball
  • Shout "fore" if their ball is in danger of hitting someone
  • Replace divots
  • Repair pitch marks on the green
  • Leave their bag or cart as close as possible to the next tee, but away from the green
  • Let the group behind play through if looking for a ball
  • Take care not to damage the course with practice swings

Juniors should never:

  • Play a shot while others are still in range
  • Talk while someone is preparing to take a shot
  • Stand directly behind someone when they are putting
  • Shout or swear on the golf course
  • Throw clubs or equipment in anger
  • Mark their own score card on the green
  • Laugh at another player's misfortune
  • Make practice swings without making sure they have room
  • Walk across someone's putting line on the green


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